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Breaking the Seal

While you’ve been supporting local owned businesses (*nudge-wink*) did you know you could shop local-local? On our last blog post, we said we’d start talking to some of our local craft cannabis growers. Here’s the kickoff to our first Q&A with a local grower that’s actually, right here, in Edmonton.

As of today there are 421 licenses to grow weed in Canada. Most are actually out of Ontario and some in BC, but did you know there is some nice Albertan grown cannabis right here in Edmonton? Aurora Cannabis is widely known, but not many have heard of Viridis Cannabis. They were happy to answer a few of our questions in hopes to help our community know more about the story behind the weed we put on the menu. Here’s our lightning round of questions for Angie(Marketing Manager) and Dev(Master Grower). If you have more questions or if you would like to know more about a specific Alberta LP, please leave them in the comments below!

RSC: What was the process of starting out in cannabis like for Viridis and why did you choose to build in Alberta?

Viridis: We chose to build in Alberta because this is home for our Founders and investors. Our Chief Operations Officer had an empty warehouse in Edmonton and with the upcoming Cannabis Legalization legislation, he felt like it might be the right opportunity to start something new.

RSC: What was your Master Grower and Founder’s backgrounds in cannabis before legalization?

Viridis: Our Master Grower completed his PhD in plant breeding and worked in Agriculture research for 12 years. Dev was employed by a competing LP as manager of IPM, Pest Management. Our Founder Mark was a successful businessman owning and managing several different unrelated Edmonton businesses.

RSC: Your packaging has been among the better packages we have seen for 3.5g. There’s a heat seal and the package is an appropriate size container. Is there a story behind how you made the choice for this packaging?

Viridis: As an LP, you have very little contact with the end consumer. Because of this, we wanted to choose packaging that reflected our hardcore values and seriousness in creating the best product possible. Using a more compact package meant less volume of air to potentially create a dryness in the cannabis. The heat seal is our way of going the extra mile with that extra layer of protection, so that you get the freshest flower possible. And of course, less packaging means a smaller environmental footprint. Everybody wins!

RSC: Your labelling on your package is probably the only one in the LP space that we’ve seen actually contain Ruderalis as part of the species of cannabis. Can you tell us a bit more about why you decided to share that detail?

Viridis Cannabis small heat sealed package
Northern Lights: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis. Ruderalis is commonly bred with other species to flower based on age vs. photoperiod (aka Autoflower)

Viridis: This was just an additional bit of knowledge that we decided we would share on the packaging. I think the debate is still on whether Ruderalis is a separate or subspecies, regardless, it’s part of the cannabis world so we thought, why not help our consumers be more informed.

RSC: If you could add one item on the labeling that Health Canada does not currently approve, what would you add to the label?

Viridis: Well, we are proud Plant Parents so it would be nice to show imagery of the bud on the container. It would also be great to have more of the Viridis’ brand showcased because it’s inspired by Alberta, the beautiful province we live in.

“We are a local company made up of mostly friends and family. We are a true Craft operation with a monthly output of about 40 KG’s of product which we ensure is of the utmost highest quality. We are gardeners, not manufacturers.”

Dev sandhu – MASTER GROWER @ viridis cannabis

RSC: Your growing methodology is soil-based. Why this natural method vs. other methods like aquaponics/aeroponics/hydroponics?

Viridis: We thought it was important to have more of a natural approach. The soil-based method has been used for hundreds of years and with this method you are able to encourage the growth of many microorganisms, which are extremely helpful. They release excess nutrients into the soil for the plants to use, which is super beneficial in stimulating growth.

RSC: Many customers are choosing high THC to guide their choices in purchasing at a store. How do you choose what to purchase at a cannabis store?

Viridis: Personally, I am a fan of a more moderate level of THC and maybe a dash of CBD. I also go for the more fruity, sweet strains so Blue Dream is always a top contender.

RSC: Your current lineup of products are some classic cultivars (Blue Dream, Northern Lights, White Widow, Crown Royale). What is your favourite cultivar right now that you grow and what can you share about any new genetics/products that you are most excited about?

Viridis: Everyone at the facility would probably give you a different answer but I would have to say my favourite at the moment is Northern Lights. It’s a classic OG strain and always lives up to the name. We have a few exciting projects in the mix but our next batch of White Widow will be harvested in 4 weeks and it is looking superior to the last batch, which sold out in record time.

We have also started our Hash-making process but unfortunately, it will take 2 to 3 months for Health Canada’s approval to sell. Stay tuned!

RSC: If you had one message for your customers or what you would like your budtenders to share about Viridis, what would that be?

Viridis: We are a local company made up of mostly friends and family. We are a true Craft operation with a monthly output of about 40 KG’s of product which we ensure is of the utmost highest quality. We are gardeners, not manufacturers!

If you’d like to reach out to Viridis or checkout their latest blog entry here about their Blue Dream cultivar, you can check them out here ( We’re also going to bring in their latest batch of Blue Dream this Tuesday at the Edmonton location (Online Menu Here).

Stay tuned for our next “Local Craft Cannabis Growers Q+A”, and please leave us all comments and suggestions below for make this more informative for you! Leave us #stonerthoughts and #random comments. We welcome them all.