Get to Know our Alberta Growers!

We love being in Alberta. It’s our home and we are so grateful to be here. Royal Street Cannabis started with us wanting to be part of cannabis legalization, normalization and, of course, all the weed. But did you know that there 44 Albertan Licensed Producers today growing great cannabis, making delicious edibles, concentrates, and more?


When we order for our menu we try to learn about who is producing the cannabis we love. We don’t always get a chance to tell you why we love certain products, but if you’re choosing between one White Widow and another, maybe this will help you decide. After-all, if you support our little shop, you probably want to support your local weed growers too!

Our first format will be posting some Q&As on our blog. If we get more interest we will level it up and use other forms of media. We hope to encourage more dialogue with our customers and producers so they can continue to bring products you love. We’ll be asking questions like why they setup shop in Alberta, what new products are coming, and what makes them unique! So leave us a comment below or let us know in store if you have any questions about our local producers. We can’t wait to share! Our first article is coming right up.