Ardent Lift Dosing Instructions Cannabutter

CannaButter: Ardent Lift

How to Calculate Dosing

Note of Caution

As a new enthusiast, I cannot emphasize this section enough and the importance of dosing. Please understand the target audience when you are creating edibles with Cannabutter, as each person’s tolerance to cannabis varies. It is ALWAYS better to have less than to have TOO MUCH. Especially with someone who never had edibles before and those who never tried cannabis at all. As new enthusiast, my personal tolerance is somewhere between 5mg-10mg (Health Canada currently limits each edible to 10mg only). I also know others who can take as much as 200 mg of THC. It is extremely important that you know your dosing and let other know what is in it. 

Calculating Dosing

In this example, lets say our cookie recipe requires 1 cup (225 g) of butter and it makes 24 servings (1 serving = 1 cookie). The cannabis that I purchase has 15% THC content. What that means is that for each gram of cannabis, there is 150mg of THC.

1 g of flower = 1000 mg of flower
15%THC in 1000mg flower (0.15 x 1000mg) = 150 mg THC in 1000mg of flower

The infuse process will not be able to extract 100% of the cannabinoids (the efficacy infusion rate is typically about 90%). So with 150 mg x 90% = 135 mg.

In this hypothetical scenario, if we only use 1 gram of dried flower (15% THC) to a batch of 36 cookies, then we will have 135mg/24 servings = 5.6 mg per serving.

Let’s say we want to do the reverse calculation. Let say we are looking to make 30 mg of THC per cookie. The same recipe will yield 24 servings, so we take 30mg x 24 serving = 720 mg of THC required.

Because of the extraction process is only 90% efficient, we take 720mg/0.90 = 800mg.

In order to get 800 mg of THC from dried cannabis that is 15% THC

800mg/0.15 = 5.33 grams of dried flower

Lets Make Cannabutter with the Ardent Lift

  • Butter or any oil based products such as Coconut oil, MCT oil, Olive oil, etc (please note that each oil will have a different infusion efficiency)
  • Scale that can measure to a minimum of tenth of a decimal place. For example, your scale should be able to measure 1.2 grams (if it doesn’t, then your scale will likely round up or down to the nearest gram which can miscalculate your dosing)
  • Dried Cannabis Flower (if you want high psychoactive effect, get Cannabis that is higher in THC)
  • Grinder
  • Strainer
  • Spatula
Step 1

From a recipe, determine how many servings the recipe will make.

Step 2

Calculate the amount of dried flower you require for the concentration you wish to have in each serving of your edible (see How to Calculate Dosing from above)

 Step 3

Measure out the required flower and the proceed to grind your flower

Step 4

Place your grounded flower into the Ardent Lift and hit the power button to start the decarboxylate process. The light on the device should go from green to red.

Step 5

Once your Ardent Lift’s light returns back to green, let the cannabis cool down for an hour. Once cooled, take the required butter (or oil) from your recipe and but it into the Ardent Lift with the decarboxylated cannabis. Give it a quick stir

Step 6

Hit the power button again to start the infusing process. The light on the device will go from green to red again.

Step 7

Once the infusing is complete, strain the oil from the flower. Use a spatula to press out the oil from the flower
 That’s it, let the butter or oil cool down and proceed with your recipe

Optional – removing some “cannabis” smell from the oil

The following step is not required. The purpose of this step is to essentially remove some of the cannabis smell from your edibles. 

Step 1

After the butter is strained from the flower, proceed to add a cup of water to the oil and place it in the refrigerator. Since the butter is heavier than the water, the butter will rise to the top.

Step 2

Once the butter is chilled, you should be able to separate the butter from the water quite easily.

 Step 3

Re-heat the butter and repeat steps 1-2 again if you want an even lighter taste. Note, each time you do a wash, the consistency of the butter changes (ideally you should not do this step more than twice).