Royal Street Cannabis gives cannabis the royal treatment it deserves, by providing the community with a warm safe environment, complete with friendly and educated staff who will treat you like family. The honesty and integrity will be the difference in your experience.

King Street Cannabis

Address: 4984 92 Ave NW, Edmonton


Phone: +587.782.8628

Sunday: 11a.m.–6p.m.

Monday: 11a.m.–7p.m.

Tuesday: 11a.m.–7p.m.

Wednesday: 11a.m.–7p.m.

Thursday: 11a.m.–7p.m.

Friday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Saturday: 11a.m.–7p.m.

Holidays: 11a.m.–6p.m.

Queen Street Cannabis

Address: 128 Queen Street, Spruce Grove


Phone: +587.882.3133

Sunday: 11a.m.–6p.m.

Monday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Tuesday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Wednesday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Thursday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Friday: 11a.m.–9p.m.

Saturday: 11a.m.–8p.m.

Holidays: 11a.m.–6p.m.